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máy dò đa khí MultiPro

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máy dò đa khí MultiPro
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  • EASY ONE-BUTTON OPERATION. The MODE button on the front of the MultiPro controls all day-to-day functions including:
    • Scroll through current gas readings, MAX, STEL  and TWA screens
    • Initiate fresh air and span calibration sequences
    • Turn on the backlight
    • Access to Advanced Menus
    • Software controlled pump
    • Powered by MultiPro battery
    • Automated pump leak test whenever the pump is attached
    • Automatic switching between pump and diffusion modes
    • Rated to IPX5 against water ingress
    • Exceeds IEC 1000-4-3 for level 3 RFI immunity specifications
    • Watertight, impact-resistant polycarbonate case with rubber overmoulding
    • Li-Ion rechargeable battery provides up to 22 hrs of use in diffusion mode
    • Li-Ion batteryand recharges in less than 5 hrs
    • Alkaline batteries provide up to 22 hrs of use between battery changes
  • DATA
    • Automatic event logger stores information for 20 events including sensor type, max and average readings, time and duration
    • Standard black box recorder stores more than 40 hrs of instrument readings
    • Built-in IrDA port for easy communication with a PC



 Size 4.5" x 2.7" x 1.7" (11.4 x 6.8 x 4.3 cm)
 Weight Alkaline:  9.9 oz. (280g).  Li-Ion:  7.8 oz. (220g)
UL Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D Temp Code T4
UL Class II, Division 1 Groups E, F, G.
UL Class III.
CSA Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D Temp Temp Code T4
ATEX Certification: II 2 G EEx ia d IIC T4, UL International DEMKO A/S 05 ATEX 0424116X.
IECEx Certification: Ex ia d IIC T4, IECEx UL 07.0003X.
 Durability Meets IPX5 water standard
 Display Front-mounted LCD displays readings for up to 4 sensor channels
 Audible Alarm Loud warbling, two-tone alarm rated at 92dBA at one foot
 Visual Alarm Bright red LED alarm visible from front and sides
 Display Backlight Activates with MODE button
 Controls True one-button operation including automatic calibration
 Housing Polycarbonate case with overmolded rubber boot
 Battery Options Alkaline or rechargeable Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) battery packs
 Battery Life
diffusion - 24 hrs with eitherbattery pack
with Pump - 16 hrs with eitherbattery pack


máy dò đa khí MultiPro


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